A great tail

We are Jason and Katy Buhr, and of course our Mountain Dog, Luna Shadow. We moved from Moorhead, Minnesota to the small town of Silver Plume, Colorado in January of 2017 (we do not suggest moving in the winter, by the way). We happened to pick the small town of Silver Plume by chance because a house was for sale and it was just on the edge of the radius we were looking. Little did we know we were really lucking out finding this hidden gem of a "ghost" town. 

Silver Plume and neighboring town Georgetown used to be big mining towns back in "the day." They are now small mountain towns that many people drive right by but the people who stop are always so happy they did, including us! 

Then about one year after we moved to Silver Plume, we got our Golden Retriever, Luna Shadow. Luna changed our lives forever, for the better!


The start of an adventure

So you might be thinking, why open a dog store? Why Mountain Dog Outfitters? We realized one snowy day that there were so many dogs in our area and very few places to go to get dog products. And not just regular dog products, but what you want and need to bring your dog with you on all your adventures. We are active people that love to explore our new state of Colorado and we need to be able to bring Luna Shadow with us on our adventures. 

Georgetown became the perfect town to open our storefront. It is a great, unique town. We were so excited when we had the chance to open a store there and to become more of the Silver Plume and Georgetown communities!





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